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"for the inconveniently-not-yet-dead"

"Today I can't speak. My body is clearly running through the dictionary of annoying ailments and, having dealt with the labyrinthitis, we seem to have staggered on to laryngitis, or a derivative thereof."

"Being literally unhearable will frustrate me for a while, of course, but as I've spent a week watching grainy film of elderly care-home inmates occupying a space far beyond screaming I know I have nothing to complain about."

"While I was starting to write, I spent a little over 10 years working with various vulnerable groups in various facilities and watched the hard edge of Thatcher's reforms stealing a little more comfort and possibility from lives each day. It's impossible to forget the geriatric wards and homes where human beings sat and wept, pools of urine at their feet, robbed of all dignity simply for being old and not wealthy."

"In the bad places, the worn-down places, the holding cells for the inconveniently-not-yet-dead, no …